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This page describes the rules for playing the game.


General Rules

  1. For the sake of the game, a "day" is considered to be a 24 hour window beginning at 3am and ending at 2:59am the following day.
  2. Unless a travel exception has been requested, all quest completion evidence must be submitted by the end of the day for which the quests have been claimed.


  1. A player may claim one (1) Physical Health Quest and one (1) Mental Health Quest from each level available to them. For example:
  2. Quest credit does not extend into the next 24 hour period; at 5am each day, all quests reset and any quest that does not have submitted evidence is discounted.

Completing a Quest

In order to receive credit for completing a quest players must submit evidence of completion tagged with the appropriate indicator (as noted on the quest page) to the social network of their choosing. Preferred methods are Twitter and Google Plus, but Facebook and email are also acceptable.

Leveling Up

  1. Level 1: 0 - 169 XP
  2. Level 2: 170 - 679 XP
  3. Level 3: 680 - 1699 XP
  4. Level 4: 1700 XP and above
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