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Aug 24

User Experience is not Technology

I went a little dumb in the head and read the comments on a few sites reporting on the Apple v Samsung patent case today and it’s got me fuming. Let me be clear: I am technology agnostic. You should use whatever piece of technology aligns best with your needs functionally, emotionally, and philosophically, whether …

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Mar 22

Science > Common Sense

This started out as a quick Google+ post, but the more I wrote, the more I had to say and I thought it would work better as a short blog post. Earlier today I was struggling with some text at work so I took a break to scroll through my twitter feed and give my …

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May 04

Women In Science

A long and potentially boring response to a comment on Phil Plait’s blog post, “Women as planetary science role models”. To be clear: the comment was made by a stupid troll, not Phil Plait. Phil Plait (Bad Astronomer) is pretty dang cool and you should go read the blog post if nothing else 🙂

Mar 13

No one deserves a natural disaster

I was feeling a little ranty this morning…