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Jan 24

GP52 Week 02 – Summer/Winter

Winter's War

Submission for GP52 Week 02. The theme was “Summer/Winter”

Jan 03

GP52 Week 01 – New Year’s Eve/Day

Week 01 - New Year's Eve/Day

Submission for GP52 Week 01. The theme was “New Year’s Eve/Day”

Nov 26

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving

Why write a boring, factual sign when you could have a little fun instead?

Jul 30

Poetry Roundup #3 – Poetweets

Making poems out of tweets by messing with line length!

Jul 23

Poetry Roundup #2 – What I Did

A really silly poem inspired by the sonnet form… I know, it doesn’t seem like those would go together 😉

Jul 18

Poetry Roundup #1 – Tides

My favorite poem from the 2011 Spring Semester

Apr 03

Why Form Matters

Words are a writer’s primary tool, but not the only tool.

Mar 28

Experimenting with Structure

This week’s prompt is a modified prompt from my coursework: Write a poem whose first line is 7 words in length and becomes progressively one word shorter, down to a single word, and then progressively one word longer so that the last line is also 7 words long.

Mar 19

Hot and Cold

This week’s prompt comes from my coursework: Take a look at “Night in Iowa” by Deborah Ager ( Write a very short poem, no more than five lines, about a night in a place in which you have lived.

Mar 05

Found Poems

This week’s writing prompt:

A “found” poem is one where the lines/phrases are taken from another source and arranged to create something new. Choose a text whose primary goal is to educate or inform rather than entertain (a guidebook, travel article, textbook, etc.) and arrange phrases from it to form a poem.

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