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Nov 01

Parody Takes More Work Than a Gotcha at the End

My take on why the “10 Signs Your Girlfriend is a Fake Gamer” article doesn’t work as parody.

Jul 10

Why Video Games Matter

Video games are an immersive storytelling medium, they’re art, and they’re here to stay. But that’s not why they matter.

May 04

Women In Science

A long and potentially boring response to a comment on Phil Plait’s blog post, “Women as planetary science role models”. To be clear: the comment was made by a stupid troll, not Phil Plait. Phil Plait (Bad Astronomer) is pretty dang cool and you should go read the blog post if nothing else 🙂

Apr 03

Why Form Matters

Words are a writer’s primary tool, but not the only tool.

Mar 12

Shopping for a Star Trek novel

This week’s Tabletop Writing exercise is kicking my butt so it’s not ready for posting yet. Instead, here are some random thoughts about Star Trek books versus shows that occurred to me earlier this week. And before anyone accuses me of cheating this week: I roll for my “random encounters” on Mondays, so I still have the weekend to finish this week’s prompt – last week’s was done early enough to post the same week I worked on it because it was poetry and super specific.

May 03

The Future of Comics? Man, I Hope So!

The Comics Industry is (and has been) slowly dying. Saving it is going to take some serious reconstruction and Erik Larsen has a particularly intriguing suggestion: comic digests.

Mar 21

The "Otherness" of Poetry

A reaction to the academic gobbledy-gook you put up with when you’re taking a Modern Poetry class >__<

Sep 13

Organic vs. Non-organic

A conventional tomato and an organic tomato are both tomatoes; obviously they would have the same nutrients – the conventional tomato hasn’t suddenly become a marshmallow just because it isn’t organic. I’m a little shocked that someone actually thought this study was necessary 🙁