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Feb 07

GP52 Week 04 – Up

Submission for GP52 Week 04. The theme was “Up”

Jan 31

GP52 Week 03 – The Rule of Thirds

Submission for GP52 Week 03. The theme was “The Rule of Thirds”

Jan 18

A Brief Comment on SOPA

Today’s been an interesting ‘net news day. Lots of people commenting on SOPA (and to a lesser extent, PIPA) but I’ve also seen comments on FB/Twitter/G+ implying the reaction to SOPA is somehow… inappropriate or repulsive. That this level of reaction should be reserved for more “important/serious” issues like gang violence, the homeless epidemic, health …

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Jun 26

It’s a little dusty around here!

Man, it’s been forever since I posted something. Wrapping up Spring semester then going on vacation almost immediately after a 6-week illness my friends and I lovingly dubbed “The Plague” did a wonderful job of destroying my productivity! Now that I’m on summer vacation (does it really count as “summer vacation” when you work full …

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May 27

Technology is fun!

Trying a post from the new app installed on my phone. Rockin’ 🙂