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Feb 22

There is no recipe!

There have been demands for the recipe used to cook “the meat” at the Stars without LIMS party. There is no recipe, but for those who would like one anyway, I’ve written up the procedure used to cook it. Enjoy!

Sep 06

Home-made Tomato Sauce

Made tomato sauce without a recipe for the first time and I’m very pleased with the results. Granted, I’m notorious for not following the recipe, but I usually have one handy to act as a guide for flavor profiles and ratios. But this time the recipe came completely from my head and I want to make sure I can repeat the dish in the future! ^__^

Aug 12

Garden Goodness

Finally having a garden means figuring out what to do with all that basil!

Sep 13

Organic vs. Non-organic

A conventional tomato and an organic tomato are both tomatoes; obviously they would have the same nutrients – the conventional tomato hasn’t suddenly become a marshmallow just because it isn’t organic. I’m a little shocked that someone actually thought this study was necessary 🙁