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Jun 20

Women in Computer Science

Yesterday, Google announced their “Made with Code” initiative, which hopes to inspire young girls and, ultimately, get more women into Computer Science (official blog post, official press announcement). As a precursor to that project, Google performed a nation-wide research study to determine what factors do (and don’t) impact a young woman’s decision to pursue Computer …

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Jan 03

A picture is worth a thousand words… or at least a poem’s worth

Adapting the Google+ Project 52 photography project to writing!

Mar 12

Shopping for a Star Trek novel

This week’s Tabletop Writing exercise is kicking my butt so it’s not ready for posting yet. Instead, here are some random thoughts about Star Trek books versus shows that occurred to me earlier this week. And before anyone accuses me of cheating this week: I roll for my “random encounters” on Mondays, so I still have the weekend to finish this week’s prompt – last week’s was done early enough to post the same week I worked on it because it was poetry and super specific.

Feb 26

Tabletop Writing

Making a game out of writing.

Feb 22

There is no recipe!

There have been demands for the recipe used to cook “the meat” at the Stars without LIMS party. There is no recipe, but for those who would like one anyway, I’ve written up the procedure used to cook it. Enjoy!

Sep 06

Home-made Tomato Sauce

Made tomato sauce without a recipe for the first time and I’m very pleased with the results. Granted, I’m notorious for not following the recipe, but I usually have one handy to act as a guide for flavor profiles and ratios. But this time the recipe came completely from my head and I want to make sure I can repeat the dish in the future! ^__^

May 03

The Future of Comics? Man, I Hope So!

The Comics Industry is (and has been) slowly dying. Saving it is going to take some serious reconstruction and Erik Larsen has a particularly intriguing suggestion: comic digests.

May 02

Emma Dickerson and Her Puzzles

This was created as a final project in my Modern Poetry class. It’s a little rough around the edges, goes too quickly in a few spots, and there’s a glaring spelling error that was corrected and then sneaked its way back in, but as a first attempt at creating a QuickTime movie, I think I …

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