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  2. Down the Rabbit Hole Or, How a Writer Became a Scientist… and then a Writer Again — 2013-01-08
  3. Parody Takes More Work Than a Gotcha at the End — 2012-11-01
  4. User Experience is not Technology — 2012-08-24
  5. Science > Common Sense — 2012-03-22

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Jan 03

A picture is worth a thousand words… or at least a poem’s worth

Adapting the Google+ Project 52 photography project to writing!

Nov 26

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving

Why write a boring, factual sign when you could have a little fun instead?

Jul 30

Poetry Roundup #3 – Poetweets

Making poems out of tweets by messing with line length!

Jul 23

Poetry Roundup #2 – What I Did

A really silly poem inspired by the sonnet form… I know, it doesn’t seem like those would go together 😉

Jul 18

Poetry Roundup #1 – Tides

My favorite poem from the 2011 Spring Semester

Jul 10

Why Video Games Matter

Video games are an immersive storytelling medium, they’re art, and they’re here to stay. But that’s not why they matter.

Jun 26

It’s a little dusty around here!

Man, it’s been forever since I posted something. Wrapping up Spring semester then going on vacation almost immediately after a 6-week illness my friends and I lovingly dubbed “The Plague” did a wonderful job of destroying my productivity! Now that I’m on summer vacation (does it really count as “summer vacation” when you work full …

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May 04

Women In Science

A long and potentially boring response to a comment on Phil Plait’s blog post, “Women as planetary science role models”. To be clear: the comment was made by a stupid troll, not Phil Plait. Phil Plait (Bad Astronomer) is pretty dang cool and you should go read the blog post if nothing else 🙂

Apr 03

Why Form Matters

Words are a writer’s primary tool, but not the only tool.

Mar 28

Experimenting with Structure

This week’s prompt is a modified prompt from my coursework: Write a poem whose first line is 7 words in length and becomes progressively one word shorter, down to a single word, and then progressively one word longer so that the last line is also 7 words long.

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