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  1. Women in Computer Science — 2014-06-20
  2. Down the Rabbit Hole Or, How a Writer Became a Scientist… and then a Writer Again — 2013-01-08
  3. Parody Takes More Work Than a Gotcha at the End — 2012-11-01
  4. User Experience is not Technology — 2012-08-24
  5. Science > Common Sense — 2012-03-22

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Jun 20

Women in Computer Science

Yesterday, Google announced their “Made with Code” initiative, which hopes to inspire young girls and, ultimately, get more women into Computer Science (official blog post, official press announcement). As a precursor to that project, Google performed a nation-wide research study to determine what factors do (and don’t) impact a young woman’s decision to pursue Computer …

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Jan 08

Down the Rabbit Hole Or, How a Writer Became a Scientist… and then a Writer Again

Even as a kid, I wanted to be a writer. But life has a funny way of sending you in other directions before letting you get where you want to go. It’s important to enjoy the journey and learn what you can, but don’t lose track of what makes you happy.

Nov 01

Parody Takes More Work Than a Gotcha at the End

My take on why the “10 Signs Your Girlfriend is a Fake Gamer” article doesn’t work as parody.

Aug 24

User Experience is not Technology

I went a little dumb in the head and read the comments on a few sites reporting on the Apple v Samsung patent case today and it’s got me fuming. Let me be clear: I am technology agnostic. You should use whatever piece of technology aligns best with your needs functionally, emotionally, and philosophically, whether …

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Mar 22

Science > Common Sense

This started out as a quick Google+ post, but the more I wrote, the more I had to say and I thought it would work better as a short blog post. Earlier today I was struggling with some text at work so I took a break to scroll through my twitter feed and give my …

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Feb 07

GP52 Week 04 – Up

Submission for GP52 Week 04. The theme was “Up”

Jan 31

GP52 Week 03 – The Rule of Thirds

Submission for GP52 Week 03. The theme was “The Rule of Thirds”

Jan 24

GP52 Week 02 – Summer/Winter

Winter's War

Submission for GP52 Week 02. The theme was “Summer/Winter”

Jan 18

A Brief Comment on SOPA

Today’s been an interesting ‘net news day. Lots of people commenting on SOPA (and to a lesser extent, PIPA) but I’ve also seen comments on FB/Twitter/G+ implying the reaction to SOPA is somehow… inappropriate or repulsive. That this level of reaction should be reserved for more “important/serious” issues like gang violence, the homeless epidemic, health …

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Jan 03

GP52 Week 01 – New Year’s Eve/Day

Week 01 - New Year's Eve/Day

Submission for GP52 Week 01. The theme was “New Year’s Eve/Day”

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