Jun 20

Women in Computer Science

Yesterday, Google announced their “Made with Code” initiative, which hopes to inspire young girls and, ultimately, get more women into Computer Science (official blog post, official press announcement). As a precursor to that project, Google performed a nation-wide research study to determine what factors do (and don’t) impact a young woman’s decision to pursue Computer Science in college. Guess who was tapped to write the whitepaper that summarized the findings? Hint: it was me and it’s finally available publicly.

As a woman in Tech and a Computer Science graduate myself, getting more women interest in and actively pursuing Computer Science is an issue near and dear to my heart so I was super excited to help with the whitepaper and I strongly encourage reading through it; especially if you have girls/young women in your life, but even if you don’t. Some of the findings were a little obvious, but some of them were also kinda surprising (at least to me). There were a number of editorial cycles, but I promise I worked hard to make sure it was as generally accessible as possible. Encouraging female participation in Computer Science is something everyone can, and should, care about. After all, both the very first programming language and the very first compiler were created by women (Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper, respectively). We’ve been in the field since the beginning, let’s make sure we’re still here in the future.