Sep 13

Organic vs. Non-organic


Really? There are enough people out there that honestly think the fact that something is organic somehow changes the food at the molecular level such that the nutritive value of the food is changed?

That just makes me sad. There are so many better ways those research dollars could have been used; a study on the long-term affects of eating organic foods vs. those treated with chemical pesticides and other less-than-savory treatments and the related level of toxic byproducts in the human system springs to mind.

And for the record, when I say “toxic byproducts” I’m talking about actual toxic substances that can build up in the body through repeated consumption like mercury and pesticide-related chemicals, not the vague “toxins” discussed on the labels of dubious digestive “cleansers” or the infamous foot-pad commercials that are supposed to remove “toxins” from you system while you sleep through the night.

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  1. -the mama

    I agree. I thought this was a BIG waste of money.

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