Feb 07

GP52 Week 04 – Up


Gravity pulls at the skull
and tugs at the spine,
anchoring our footfalls
to the dusty face
of a spinning rock.

It snatches at our heels
and grabs tight to our legs
reminding us that we have:

Some call it a law.
Others argue it’s a theory.
No matter the label,
it rules our lives
providing confidence
that as we move forward,
each step will follow the last.

The wind thinks differently.
Movement is change.
Change can bring the impossible.
It rushes upward,
pushing against the blue.

And as they battle –
You are shocked to discover:
even this rule
is made to be broken.

the inspiration for this photo came from the Levitating Girl photos by Natsumi Hayashi; you can find more of her work on her website or Facebook page

the photo in this post was taken by Jan Chavis; you can find more of her work here or here