Jan 03

GP52 Week 01 – New Year’s Eve/Day

Week 01 - New Year's Eve/Day

New Year’s Day

The optimists cheer:
“Eat black eyed peas! They will bring you luck.”
The pessimists chastise:
“There is no magic today! It’s the same as yesterday.”

The pessimists are right.
Turning the calendar
doesn’t undo the past
and erase our mistakes
or relieve us of our responsibilities –
   yesterday’s debts are still unpaid
   yesterday’s problems are still unsolved
   yesterday’s failings are still unconquered

The pessimists are wrong.
Often the difference
between feeling trapped
and feeling free
is having an excuse to believe –
   that change can be made
   that solutions can be found
   that forgiveness can be earned

There is power in that.

Embrace it.
Claim it.
Snatch it up
and wring the magic from it until
good luck spills out
like foam from a champagne glass.

the photo in this post was taken by Jan Chavis; you can find more of her work here or here


  1. Janice Chavis

    What a great poem! The picture does not do it justice. ♥

    1. thegoblin

      Yes it does – neither would be as compelling without the other.

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