Nov 26

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving

I’m currently working as a contract Technical Writer; it’s my first time working as a contract employee and it’s a little weird. The lack of benefits sucks, but it’s nice being able to walk away from work after eight hours no matter what’s going on – the contract is cleared for overtime but I can’t actually do it unless I’m given permission in advance. I think the thing I like most (but also find the most odd) is the lack of managerial oversight.

A Thanksgiving poem created for work

To a certain extent it bothers me because my responsibilities aren’t well defined and I don’t like feeling as if I’m wasting time or money, but I work really well on my own and tend to be very independent anyway so the freedom suits me. One of the side-effects of being a mercenary (as my old boss put it), is that there’s not really anyone who is tasked with keeping track of me; therefore, to help my co-workers know what’s going on when I’m not at my desk (am I at lunch? coming in late? working a half day?) I have a mini easel and a small whiteboard that I put up on my desk when I’m stepping out.

I worked a half-day the day before Thanksgiving because I was going to a congratulatory lunch for a friend who had found a new job and then I was going over to my parents’ place to do some baking. Rather than write all of that I had the idea Tuesday evening to write a Thanksgiving poem to make the sign more interesting. The idea came to me basically as I was getting ready for bed so I used my new tablet to compose the poem. Unfortunately I was distracted when I left for work the next morning and forget my tablet so I had to reconstruct the poem as best as I could from memory. For fun I checked my tablet when I got home and found I had gotten it 75% right. The poem below is a mash-up of the original and the reconstruction (the photo shows the reconstruction I used on my desk at work). In most cases I liked the original line better but I liked the “toasted” line in the reconstruction better. So much better that I used it for the title.


Gobble! Gobble! Let’s run away!
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving day!

If you’re slow they’ll make a winner
of a festive turkey dinner.
Brined and dried and rubbed and roasted
‘til you’re pretty, brown, and toasted.

I guess, at least, this can be said:
You’ll see the guests are all well fed.
But better still is not to fall:
keep feathers, gizzard, beak, and all.

Gobble! Gobble! Let’s run away!
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving day!