Jul 23

Poetry Roundup #2 – What I Did

What I Did

I sat down
upon the ground
and saw I’d lost my shoe.

“Can’t go ‘round,
left foot unbound!
Oh dear! What shall I do!?”

Quite bereft
about my left,
I walted in distress.

“Hateful theft!
(Though also deft
to manage the undress.)”

Fantful eyes
and hishful sighs
I retraced where I’d trod.

“Woe! No prize!
So, though unwise,
I’ll go left foot unshod.”

And that is what I did.


What I Did is a free-form rhyming poem although the rhyme scheme and structure is (very) loosely based on a Petrarchan sonnet. The poem is presented in three pairs of triplets where the first set of three lines provides the poem’s plot and the second set of three lines contains the speaker’s monologue, commenting on the situation. Each stanza is built from sentences of three, four, and six syllables and the rhyme scheme of the triplet pairs is AABAAB. The voice of this poem is lighter and sillier than I usually employ in my poems, which makes for a good contrast with the rest of the “round up” collection, but it’s also an interesting compliment to the sonnet form that inspired it because a sonnet’s form and rhyme scheme are tightly controlled and strictly regulated whereas What I Did is basically nonsense.

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  1. -the mama

    I loved the nonsense! 🙂

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