Jun 26

It’s a little dusty around here!

Man, it’s been forever since I posted something. Wrapping up Spring semester then going on vacation almost immediately after a 6-week illness my friends and I lovingly dubbed “The Plague” did a wonderful job of destroying my productivity!

Now that I’m on summer vacation (does it really count as “summer vacation” when you work full time?) I plan to dust off my writing exercises and get back to writing for at least 30 minutes every day; I’m guessing that first week will be the hardest because I need to get back in the rhythm of it, but I’m looking forward to it. Honestly, I enjoy writing poetry, but I missed the challenge and variety of the random exercises. Over the next few days I’ll be posting a Spring Semester Round-up of the poems I wrote for class that haven’t already been posted here and start the writing exercises next weekend.

I’m excited and looking forward to knocking the dust of this place… Even if no one but my mom is still reading it (Hi, Mama!) ^__^

– Sarah