Mar 28

Experimenting with Structure



Downy sprites fall and gather together in
plush, tempting piles, but touch them
and they cut with crystal
blades that will only
be dulled by
the ever
the skeletal
grip loosens grudgingly;
defiant even in defeat,
the icy angles collapse into
stubborn heaps of grimy slush while
life crawls free of its frigid blanket.


Some Commentary

This poem is inspired by the fact that it snowed on my last day in Massachusetts while visiting family. It was the first time I had seen falling slow since leaving Maryland (20 years ago at the time of this posting) and I spent over an hour sitting or standing by one window or another just watching it snow.


  1. Liz

    Beautiful Sarah! Love it.

  2. -the mama

    That was tricky. Good job!

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