Mar 13

No one deserves a natural disaster

The morons of the Internet have apparently risen up en mass and declared the earthquakes and tsunami in Japan are “deserved” because Japan bombed Pearl Harbor during World War II. That people are capable of such monumental levels of gross stupidity and callousness doesn’t surprise me but somehow I still never see it coming. I think the juxtaposition of abysmal writing and the “voice of wisdom among fools” tone in most of the comments/posts/tweets is demonstrative of the mental power behind the words, but they make me angry anyway.

I honestly cannot fathom what is going on in these peoples’ minds. Are they so weak minded that they have no opinions of their own? Does saying hurtful things make them feel powerful? Is their perception of the universe so fundamentally warped that they can’t see anything beyond the end of their nose as worthwhile? Or is it some intellect-crushing combination of the three? It does make me wonder though: if Japan “deserved” this kind of devastation, because of their attack on Pearl Harbor, what’s the appropriate “justice” for the United States’ actions at Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Humans are an aggressive species. Sometimes that’s a good thing: it’s aggression that makes us competitive and pushes us to do well. But sometimes it’s not so good and it’s a sad fact of human nature that, frequently, peace can only be bought with the blood of the innocent and the lives of the brave. Peace isn’t precious inherently – it’s precious because the alternative is so hideous. Neither side comes out of war stain-free and to pretend otherwise is worse than disingenuous or naive; it’s destructive and serves as justification for hate.

NO ONE deserves natural disasters, and certainly not one of this magnitude. If you hear someone saying otherwise, do me a favor and slap them.

Update: Some of the stupidity I’ve seen online cites Japan’s supposed non-response to the Katrina disaster as justification for not wanting the US to send aid. I don’t hold out much hope that those people can understand concepts more complicated than Fun with Dick and Jane, but in the outside chance they can, here’s some food for thought from a Nola.com staff editorial published Saturday, March 12, 2011, 7:22 AM:

After Katrina, Japan’s government and citizens came to our aid right away. Within 24 hours of the disaster the Japanese government had offered material and monetary aid that eventually surpassed $1 million, including tents, blankets, power generators and portable water tanks. Japan also provided $200,000 to the American Red Cross to aid hurricane victims. Many Japanese citizens also reached into their own pockets to help. Takashi Endo, a private businessman, showed up at the U.S. Embassy in Japan just days after Katrina to donate $1 million from his personal funds to storm relief.

You can read the rest of the editorial, After Japan tsunami, earthquake we need to return their post-Katrina generosity, on their site. Link via @ananthymous on Twitter.


  1. Whitney

    omg those people are douches 🙁

  2. Dan Hughes

    I’m with ya, 100%!

  3. -the mama

    Well said and I agree.

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